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   Discount Calculator

App Name: Sales Tax and Discount Calculator - quick and easy calculation for shopping and save


The most flexible, accurate and unique tax and discount calculator ever!

Features include:

1. Up to 4 levels of discount can be applied.

2. Option to choose to apply Dollar Amount Discount before or after tax. (Percentage Discount doesn't matter; the result is the same being applied before or after tax.)

3. Automatically save tax rate.

4. Dynamically calculate while the text fields are edited or options are chosen.

5. Easy to reset the fields.


The order to apply discounts to different levels is critical. You cannot change or mix the order of the discounts applied; otherwise, the calculation could be wrong. For example:

A kitchenette’s original price is $569.99. It is on sale for 40% off. That day, you can take an extra 20% off in the entire store, plus, if you buy stuff for $200 and above (pre-tax), there will be an additional $30 off. Also, the manufacturer provides a $50 mailing rebate. So, in order to correctly calculate your total discount, you enter data in the following fields: 

Price:                           569.99

Tax Rate:                     6.875       (assumed tax rate, put your local tax rate here)

Discount:                     40            (level 1, %)

Add’l Discount:           20            (level 2, %)

Add’l Discount:           30            (level 3, $, applied before tax)

Add’l Discount:           50            (level 4, $, applied after tax)


Then you will get the results: 

Tax:                              $39.19

Price + Tax:                 $609.18

Your Payment:             $210.34

You Save:                    $398.83 

In the above example, you may ask: how do I know if my pre-tax amount after the first 2 levels of discount is above $200 so that I can take the advantage of the additional $30 off? Here is the trick: erase the tax rate (so it is treated as 0), put the price and first 2 levels of discount, you will see “Your Payment” is $273.60, that’s your pre-tax amount after the first 2 levels of discount. Congratulations! You can enjoy an additional $30 off. Easy, right? Actually, you can think of all sorts of creative ways to use the calculator. Most importantly, the calculator provides you enough discount levels (up to 4 levels) and options to apply cash discount before or after tax. So far, we haven’t seen any app that does the same thing.

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